Vienna Maxergasse

A lost passport


A young man runs down the stairs, looks around frightened, runs up the stairs again. The Red Cross volunteers laugh at him and said that he is just one more madman (no, not as an insult but as a safe diagnosis, because in the city of Freud everyone with a “suitable jacket“ of red cross or Caritas can make such a "diagnosis" just by seeing somebody).


There is no need to ask him what happened.


Fortunately for the young man from Syria, someone there thinks a Little bit differently. And he finds out that the Young man is looking desperately for his passport. After a few hours of research, it turns out that another young man from Afghanistan stole his passport. As the only Afghan between Syrians, he was afraid of being discovered and killed. He didn't want to become a terrorist, he didn't want to kill people and that's why he ran away, so he had to pretend to be a Syrian. He was afraid to travel to Germany with the others, because sooner or later the others will find out the truth.


If he could apply for asylum in Austria, he will give back the passport to the other boy.


And he did that.


If it had been up to the Red Cross volunteer, it could have been a lot worse.


© 2020 Nicoleta Schiel