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Virtual Tours in Europe · 29. August 2020
On the Danube Canal it is wonderful to discover (even by bike) an almost unknown and not visited Vienna. Follow or book my virtual tours in Vienna

Virtual Tours in Europe · 24. Juli 2020
A green virtual Tour #Hundertwasser in Vienna. With Google Maps and audio guide.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 24. Juli 2020
A green virtual Tour #Hundertwasser in Vienna. With Google Maps and audio guide.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 20. Mai 2020
Today Vienna has a lot of ecological modern architecture as for example WU, the university of economics in Prater. WU Vienna has a modern ecological architecture with lots of greenery and open water games. Today it is very important to protect the environment and to create a pleasant temperature even in the hottest summer. For this reason, buildings are planned by now with the purpose to create a local cold climate during the summer. The architecture of the future include trees and Vegetation.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 21. April 2020
Virtual walk in the footsteps of Marc Aure in Vienna. #Marc Aurel

Europäische Wege  · 20. April 2020
Virtuelles Spaziergang auf der Spuren Marc Aurels in Wien. #Marc Aurel Zahlungspflichtiger Artikel.

Vienna in 2015 · 14. April 2020
People are lying on the ground all around the train stations. They are all calm, calm and ready for the EU adventure, for a future in uncertain, on a completely foreign continent, with a different alphabet, different laws, different traditions, different beliefs; thinking that they will never have to adapt itself to all that. Because in a democracy, freedom of expression, enforcing one's own laws, traditions and religion is finally allowed. That is the strength and also the weak point of the EU

Vienna in 2015 · 13. April 2020
Afternoon at the main train station in 2015. A couple of men and women in Red Cross uniforms smoke and talk in front of the first aid point. The pregnant women who are still in the room are examined one by one by someone who acts as a doctor. One by one they go back to their beds crying because they were told that their children died in the womb. Some eight young men are given the vitamin injection.The rescue volunteers said they all died of fatigue and muscle failure.

Vienna in 2015 · 12. April 2020
The most of the people hope to be able to help someone in need by throwing the things they no longer need into Caritas boxes. They do not even think of helping an unmanageable organization to get money and thus power. Because Caritas employees do not give that things to the needy for free, but prefer to take them home for themselves or friends. Two people and a child, a small family, made the application for asylum. But Caritas did not help them.

Vienna in 2015 · 11. April 2020
A young man runs down the stairs, looks around frightened, runs up the stairs again. The Red Cross volunteers laugh at him and said that he is just a madman. But he was desperately looking for his passport. After a few hours of research, it turns out that another young man from Afghanistan stole his passport. As the only Afghan between Syrians, he was afraid of being discovered and killed. If he could apply for asylum in Austria, he will give back the passport to the other boy. And he did that.

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