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The tradition of the Christmas Tree in Vienna
Virtual Tours in Europe · 24. Dezember 2020
Under Joseph I. there were already written descriptions of a green tree with small burning candles. Long before that, on December 6th, Saint Nicholas often brought a small coniferous tree that was full of baked goods and fruits but still without candles. In some countries children are told that St. Nicholas brings a Christmas tree and many presents to good children. At that time the presents were more likely to be given on St.Nicholas‘s day...

Virtual Tours in Europe · 16. November 2020
The so-called marriage fountain now dominates the entire square on the Hoher Markt. The fountain stands in the place of the gallows and was only completed under Karl VI (the father of Maria Theresia) basically in the form we can see today. The father of Karl VI, Leopold I., was very afraid that he will no longer see alive his first son Josef I (which was also the designated heir to the throne) due to fighting during the War of the Spanish Succession. So Leopold I made a vow ...

Virtual Tours in Europe · 29. August 2020
On the Danube Canal it is wonderful to discover (even by bike) an almost unknown and not visited Vienna. Follow or book my virtual tours in Vienna

Virtual Tours in Europe · 24. Juli 2020
A green virtual Tour #Hundertwasser in Vienna. With Google Maps and audio guide.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 24. Juli 2020
A green virtual Tour #Hundertwasser in Vienna. With Google Maps and audio guide.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 20. Mai 2020
Today Vienna has a lot of ecological modern architecture as for example WU, the university of economics in Prater. WU Vienna has a modern ecological architecture with lots of greenery and open water games. Today it is very important to protect the environment and to create a pleasant temperature even in the hottest summer. For this reason, buildings are planned by now with the purpose to create a local cold climate during the summer. The architecture of the future include trees and Vegetation.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 30. April 2020
The beautiful city walls of Lucca have medieval roots and have defended the city efficiently for a long time. It is about as long as the Vienna Ringstrasse and it takes about an hour (90 minutes at most) to walk around it. Until a few years ago, you could also drive on this wall by car. In the meantime, a modern street for cars has been built all around. The city walls are a popular leisure area today where you can see many Italians and relatively few tourists. Lucca is an insider tip...

Virtual Tours in Europe · 24. April 2020
At the end of our walk in Siena we went through a small park. At the beginning, only the beautiful, white, large swan was clearly visible. Only later, when it swam out of the grotto, i saw his comrade. And I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it was a shadow or something like that, but then I was finally happy: I finally saw a black swan. In Siena, Tuscany. Italy. 2016. Of course, I cannot say whether it will still be there when you visit this beautiful city. But here are the photos of him.

Virtual Tours in Europe · 21. April 2020
Virtual walk in the footsteps of Marc Aure in Vienna. #Marc Aurel

Virtual Tours in Europe · 20. April 2020
Wake up at 4:00 a.m? And this while your vacation? Good idea! Because as is well known, the sun doesn’t care about the times when tourists like to get up. In my group in Florence in 2017 there were a few guests who absolutely wanted to have this wonderful experience during their vacation. So we had a meeting point in the lobby at 4:30 a.m. To my surprise, we were already a group of seven people. Everyone is overslept...