Lucca: a virtual walk

A virtual walk on the City walls

The beautiful city walls of Lucca have medieval roots and have defended the city efficiently for a long time. The city wall of Lucca is about as long as the Vienna Ringstrasse and it takes about an hour (90 minutes at most) to walk around it.


Until a few years ago, you could also drive on this wall by car. In the meantime, a modern street for cars has been built all around.


The city walls are a popular leisure area today where you can see many Italians and relatively few tourists. Lucca is an insider tip, a destination for those who know Italy.


You can see beautiful palaces and mighty cathedrals on both sides. Sometimes costumed post-productions of one of the glorious battles are also performed here. Modern art with historical inspiration can also be admired.


On these walls you can really imagine the appearance of the Vienna city wall before it was demolished in the middle of the 19th century.


Friedrich Schindler's description of the aftertaste of the dismissal of that epoch as well as the eternal construction sites can also be better understood.

A comparation between Lucca how it ist today with Vienna at the beginning of the 19th century in the picture on the right:

Virtual walk in Lucca, Italy

Even if you have to spend your holiday on the balcony as a result of Corona Virus, you can still experience beautiful virtual walks.


But if for you possible, please pay for this virtual city walk. 



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