Siena as a virtual tour

The black swan from Siena

At the end of our walk in Siena we went through a small park. At the beginning, only the beautiful, white, large swan was clearly visible. Only later, when it swam out of the grotto, i saw  his comrade. And I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it was a shadow or something like that, but then I was finally happy: I finally saw a black swan. In Siena, Tuscany. Italy. 2016. Of course, I cannot say whether it will still be there when you visit this beautiful city. But here are the photos of him. And you can be happy with me: the black swan really exists. Even if it's a little far away.

Virtual tour in Siena

Even if you have to spend your holiday on the balcony as a result of Corona Virus, you can still experience beautiful virtual walks.


But if for you possible, please pay for this virtual city walk. 



Descrizione informativa di Vienna

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Walking in Siena

Of course we visit the main square, where the Palio (a well known horse race) takes place, but where is also the church Katharina von Sienna. We are going to make a hike to a beautiful part of the old city wall, where you can walk, from which you can make beautiful photos and where there are also a few trees.  


Siena has very tall buildings because the terrain is steep and it is simply not possible to build it in usual ways. The result is a constant shadow in the city. So it is very pleasant to walk here also during the day.

The houses are made of brick and was made as same as possible according to the town hall regulation. There were not only tax breaks, but even debt relief for the citizens who implemented this regulation.


Some good news:

The water is deep spring water, cold and clean like the water in Vienna. So you can put the slowly flowing water from the main square into the bottles and drink.


You had to dig very deep in this region until you found water. This deep digging was a challenge that was solved by technical geniuses of their time who created a unique (and effective) system worldwide.


Here on the main square there is also a fairly good supermarket, where you can buy some things for eating and drinking relatively cheaply.


Of course, I also know a few good and a few cheap restaurants, if you need a recommendation please mail me.

Palio di Siena

It is always very hot here. The competitions take place at these temperatures. Sand is scattered on the asphalt and the curves are padded with thick mattresses. No accident happens in the film, but that's not always like this. In any case, the residents are very enthusiastic about this spectacle. And of course the tourists who travel here especially for this event. But Siena is worth a visit even without this event.

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