Virtual walk Marc Aurel in Vienna


The Anker Uhr shows us the famous Mark Aurel during one hour from 1 p.m.

Hoher Markt is closely linked to the history of the city of Vienna. This place was not only the roman camp and court of the medieval period, but also the Jewish city in Vienna.



The Anker Uhr itself was created in 1911 by Franz Matsch in Art Nouveau for the insurance company with the name "Anker".


Bevor of the Imperator Mark Aurel we can see Josef Haydn.

Hoher Markt, Wien, Kaiser Marc Aurel auf 1 Uhr
Ankeruhr, Hoher Markt, Vienna, Marc Aurel auf 13.00 Uhr


On the building at the Stock-im-Eisen-Platz was renovated after a long time also the portrait of Emperor Mark Aurel.



A statue of Marc Aurel is located at the top of the building inside of a window niche with a round arch at the corner of Marc Aurel Street with Sterngasse.

Marc Aurel Straße Ecke Sterngasse
Marc Aurel in Vienna

Other statues of Marc Aurels can be found in KHM in the Collection of Roman Antiquities, in the Coins Cabinet and partly also in the online collection of the museum

Virtual walk Marc Aurel in Vienna

Even if you have to spend your holiday on the balcony as a result of Corona Virus, you can still experience beautiful virtual walks.


But if for you possible, please pay for this virtual city walk. 


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